Brothers and Sisters,

This past Sunday we wrapped up our time in the book of Philippians that we began in August.  This entire series has encouraged us deeply and challenged us greatly.  The conversations I have had with other brothers and sisters during this series has been extremely thought provoking and consistently timely.

It is no surprise that Philippians ends much like it began, namely in highlighting partnership (Phil 1:3-5, 4:15-20).  Paul thanks God for the Philippians’ partnership in the gospel in chapter one, and then he thanks God for their partnership in generosity in chapter four.  This church was no ordinary Church, but one deeply engaged in gospel work.  This is exactly why Paul uses such a term as partnership.  They were not merely cheering on from the sidelines, but in the trenches serving sacrificially with their time and possessions.  God’s provision for Paul in his time of need was the church’s sacrificial giving.  Consequently, it was also evidence of spiritual maturity and growth (Phil 1:17).

Brothers and Sisters, “a solid theology of money and possessions is essential to living a Christ-honoring, gospel-replicating life.”  May we be a church that mirrors the church in Philippi in its sacrificial giving towards gospel work with our time and possessions.


Lottie Moon

The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is taken every year to support the international ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Children’s Ministry takes part in this offering by becoming a makeshift Post Office for Church on Mill.  Here is how it works; church members give their Christmas cards that are addressed to other church members to the “Post Office” on the patio, and then children deliver the cards to the recipients. In lieu of postage, the Children’s Ministry ask that a donation be given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Would you consider sending cards through the Children’s Ministry Post Office? The post office will be available every Sunday in December through the 18th and Christmas Eve.

Christmas Schedule

This coming Sunday starts a three week look at a few of the arrangements God made in preparing for Christmas.  Take some time to read about the series here, but before you go let me give you few details about scheduling.  There will be no Sunday gathering on Christmas Day December 25th.  Instead, we will have a Christmas Eve Gathering Saturday evening at 6pm.  There will be normal Childcare provided for all ages.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry