Disciplemaking is the joy of every Christian and every church (Matthew 28:18-20). What a privilege to be commissioned by our Creator and Redeemer to share the gospel with non-Christians and help fellow Christians mature in Christ!

Every fall and every spring, members and guests of Church on Mill gather for a morning of biblical teaching and transparent conversation about the challenges of doing faithful and effective evangelism and discipleship. This fall’s intensive is October 21st, 8:30am-noon in the COM Auditorium. Topics include:

What is Truth? Today, it is broadly believed that the only absolute truth is there are no absolute truths. How do we share the gospel with people who reject one of the Bible’s most basic claims: Jesus is the truth (John 14:6)? Perhaps even more fundamentally, how was the lack of belief in belief affected our own hearts? Dr. George Thomas, COM member and ASU professor, will address this issue of monumental significance with clarity and conviction.

What is Love? It seems you can’t listen to a podcast or read a news website without hearing the acronym LGBT. Society has experienced what we are told is a liberation of gender and sexual constraints. Whoever we feel we are (male, female, both, neither) and whomever we feel attracted to, we are free to be and love. But is this viewpoint the best for human flourishing? And does this honor God? Is it possible to hold a different sexual ethic without being a bigot? Pastor Chuck will address this in a compassionate and compelling session.

Join us for this semester’s Disciplemakers Intensive as we grapple with two of the most pressing issues of today. For more information email Gracie.