Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, Pastor Tad taught us about the writing on the wall. We often think we can hold God in our hands, but the reality is that it is God who holds everything in his hands. We see this depicted in a shocking and sobering way in Daniel 5. Listen in and tune in to the Q&A. Sign up for next Sunday here.

Members Meeting

In a week and a half, we’ll see a vibrant display of God’s kingdom work in us. We’ll listen to testimonies, welcome in seven new members, and hear updates on how to serve and pray. We can’t cover all of this during Sunday morning gatherings meant for corporate worship, but they are vital to church life. Put the 21st in your calendar from 6-8pm.

Easter with LATN

Over 50% of international students never step into an American home. Imagine traveling to a foreign country for years and never being invited to share a family meal. Email Erik to get set up with a student to host in your home for an Easter meal. Whether its you or a houseful, you’ll paint a beautiful gospel picture.

“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered,” (Romans 4:7).

We are blessed, dear family!


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