Brothers and Sisters,

I have been deeply encouraged each week as we gather around the Scriptures specifically seeking wisdom.  This week Pastor Chuck gave a helpful distinction to determine if we are dinning with Lady Wisdom or Woman Folly.  Simply stated, “The distinguishing mark between the wise and the foolish is what you do with constructive criticism” (see Proverbs 12:15).  Do we prayerfully consider advice or deflect it away with excuses?

One of the many ways we here at Church on Mill want to cultivate a culture of godly counsel is through meaningful membership.  Church on Mill is not a country club but a family of men and women who are bible-believing, gospel-centered, transformation-minded, devoted to each other and passionately engaged in both our community and the world.  This is why membership is vital because a commitment to these truths leads to dinning with Lady Wisdom daily.  Interestingly enough, our roots run deep in being committed to glorifying God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Check out this Membership Commitment that has been dusted off, updated, recaptured to guide us in our commitments to each other.

New Connection Classes

The church has always been distinguished by radical transformation driven by the gospel.  Acts is full of people changed by the risen Jesus and sitting under God’s Word with others (Acts 2:42).  We are longing for the same “awe/fear” (Acts 2:43) that comes as we collectively hear and respond to God’s Word.  Since we are transformation-minded would you consider attending one of these upcoming connection classes to experience the joy of becoming more Christlike?  Bring a friend at 9:30am on Sundays.

Has Science buried God?

Invite someone you know who has tough spiritual questions to hear John Lennox.  Lennox is a respected scholar and has much to offer on the relationship between science and God.  So right this minute, seriously right now…put Feb 25 at 7:30pm on your calendar and start praying about who you will invite.

Gospel Community Highlight

Each week we are going to highlight a different Gospel Community in an effort to remind us of how Church on Mill is trying to be transformation-minded and devoted to each other.  Looking for a group?  Check out the Ward Gospel Community:

Leaders: Matt and Amber Ward

Cross streets: Various locations

GC Meetings: Every other Sunday at 5:30pm

Who we are serving: We are actively seeking to serve the college students at Church on Mill.

Glory to God,

Bryan Jerry