///Wisdom Starts Here

Wisdom Starts Here

Brothers and Sisters,

Wisdom Starts Here: Fear of God

The last few weeks during our worship gathering Pastor Chuck has defined wisdom as “skill for life.”  This understanding of wisdom should deepen our experience and heighten our expectations.  This is precisely because it is a time and a place we gain skill for life!  Many of the decisions we must make daily are not covered by the rules. On these matters Scripture offers wisdom, the ability to apply God’s truth to daily living—a skill necessary to live holy lives.  As we continue our journey through Proverbs might you come with a holy expectant heart seeking God to pour out his wisdom.  What impact might be possible if we, Church on Mill, were to become a wise people.  See you Sunday if not before (and read Proverbs 2 and 9 to prep)!

Members Meeting: This Sunday!

Jump deep into the theological pool with me for a moment: In the Old Testament sacrificial system when a thank offering was presented only a portion of the food was presented to the Lord, the rest was consumed by all God’s people in attendance.  This reaffirmed community under God among those who shared the meal.  Giving thanks assumes this same function throughout the Scriptures as well.  The hearers of those who are giving thanks were able to participate and join themselves to the praise (Psalm 34:1-8).  Community is not only found in eating but in the common enthusiasm for the Lord’s salvation and ongoing work in the lives of believers.  This is most fully realized for us in our gatherings, particularly in our quarterly Members Meetings.  Would you please join us this Sunday evening at 6pm as we celebrate God’s work, hear from new residents, and embrace stories of God’s faithfulness?!

For His Glory,

Bryan Jerry

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