Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it was a privilege to be able to share with you all this past Sunday!!  The “Colossian Heresy” of chapter two is complex and multilayered but one thing is certain it threaten the church.  Paul goes to battle with these false teachers and exposes their weakness in not being able to adequately deal with the flesh (Col 2:23).  Their philosophy was full of deceit and empty and most importantly not according to Christ (Col 2:8).  It did not have the aroma of Christ permeating it’s every teaching and therefore insufficient.  Their thinking lead to bad practice and ultimately threaten their faith and the gospel.

Brothers and Sisters, may we be a thinking people ready to unmask false ideas in our own thinking.  An appropriate question for us all is, “What are we doing or thinking that is not placing our trust and dependence on Christ?”  Our we pulling from here and there along with scripture to develop what we think about God?  Our we allowing human understanding to determine who God is and what Christ has done?  This is exactly what the Colossians were doing, integrating different philosophical thinking from multiple sources while still trying to hold on to Christ.  Christ is our true north, the one we should sync our lives with and the one who has the ultimate authority over our lives.

Considering the complexity of the message Sunday I have included my sermon notes if you are interested in reading the sermon rather than listening.

Members Class

This coming Saturday July 23rd from 1-5 we will have a one time class for membership.  This is an effort to provide an opportunity for individuals to complete the membership class in one setting.  If you are not a member but have been visiting for awhile we strongly encourage you to attend and hear more about the church and it’s beliefs.   Also, if you have been a member for many years and have not been through the updated members class we encourage you as well to attend.  We are sure you will be encouraged and have an opportunity to share stories and insight drawn from your many years of membership.  Please let Tad know if you will be attending.

Faith and Family Night

The Arizona Diamondbacks on August 26th are putting on a Faith & Family Night.  It is a night of fun and fellowship with churches from all across Arizona to watch the D-Backs face the Cincinnati Reds and then enjoy a post-game concert by Matthew West.  A D-backs player will share a testimony and have a few minutes of Q & A before the concert as well.  Church on Mill is reserving spots now for us to all enjoy fellowship together as a church family.  Tickets are $15.  See Tim Stokes if you are interesting in attending.

Family Ministry Opportunities

On July 31st at 12:15 in the East wing of the auditorium there will be a meeting about Family Ministry.  If you are interested in what happens in Family Ministries here at Church on Mill and how you can get involved, this is the event for you.  Please mark your calendar and come learn, celebrate, and find ways to help the Family Ministry!!!  Contact Tim Stokes for more information.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry