Brothers and Sisters,

It was good to have Pastor Chuck back from sabbatical this Sunday as we began looking at Philippians.  Philippians starts, like all of Paul’s letters, with a greeting to the church at Philippi (Phil 1:1-2).  This greeting is no formality to simply get through in order to make it to the meat of the letter.  Rather it establishes the current reality of the people gathered there in Philippi.   It in essences serves as a reminder to the church of who they are in Christ.  Paul is writing to saints—holy ones—who have been radically changed through the work of Christ.  They are a people set apart to serve Christ through serving the church and serving others.  They are a family of holy servants and this all has been accomplished through grace which in turn grants tremendous peace.

Brothers and Sisters, our identity is best understood in light of Christ and his work on the cross.  He has made us holy!  He has made us saints!  Sainthood is not reserved for the super mature, or martyrs, or those who have conquered all their bad habits…all Christians are saints.  You are not some random accident, a mistake, or burden.  You are loved beyond measure and have been made holy in order to pursue him.  All that the Philippians enjoy and we enjoy is due to Christ.  We are in Christ in such a way that we have been made well.  Might we reflect on that this week as we go about our daily lives as holy ones who live holy lives.


Members Meeting

Our next member’s meeting is Sunday August 28th from 6pm-9pm.  This time together of fellowship, testimonies, and encouraging words is always enjoyable.  Please mark your calendars and plan on attending as this is a significant event where we fulfill our distinctive as a church.


Church on Mill has enjoyed partnering with 20schemes over the years through prayer and sending teams.  Though we support 20schemes through prayer and going, we have another unique opportunity to stand with their efforts of passionately engaging the poorest of Scotland.  How, might you ask, is this possible?  There will be a concert October 5th at Scottsdale Bible Church by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  This concert’s purpose is to raise awareness of 20schemes and their work.  So, would you consider attending yourself and inviting someone who is unfamiliar with 20schemes.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry