Church on Mill’s complete website redesign is now live!

Time after time, visitors let us know that they hear about us through searching online. We’ve been so thankful for this! Our presence online has led many to visit and eventually become part of our church family.

We recognize this also means that there are probably a lot of people who find us online that don’t come to visit. What we say and show online is a first impression, and an important one. As a church family, we of course want this first impression to be one that shows who we really are—a church who gives deep reverence to the Word of God, cares deeply about each other and the community, and aims to seek and do the Lord’s will together. We designed our old website to give this picture, and it did what it was created to do! However, as design changes and Tempe changes, it was time to modernize and make all of this more easily accessible with a new format.

Our website also serves as a valuable place for members to touch base on church happenings. We hope members will find the new website even more user friendly and appealing as they make use of it.

Here are some of the most exciting new features:

  • New pictures of our current church family participating in church life.
  • A home page that has all of this as you scroll down it: What we Believe, location, sermons, blogs, instagram feed, and upcoming events.
  • A top and bottom menu that make finding what you’re looking for a synch.
  • A “Connect” section for those visiting or desiring to see more of church life, and a “Commit” section for those who are ready to invest deeply in this church family.
  • A “Mission” section which highlights the ways we’re putting the gospel on display for the world. This features adopted missionaries, our training program for interns and residents, and our Disciplemakers class.
  • Also check out the “Resources” section for a list of books we recommend and keep stocked in the book stall!

Check it out, click around, and share it with others!