Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, Chuck told us about two paths that we can walk on: the path of works or the path of grace. Much like oil and water, the paths do not mix, however hard we might try to make them. Listen in to the sermon to find out how the cross of Christ can start us down the right road, and more than that, keep us walking on it.

College Lunch

As a church, we aim to always be engaged in our community and the world. One of the simple ways we do this is through looking right into our own neighborhood and loving those in it. Our neighborhood happens to include ASU, and this Sunday (the 27th) there will be a college lunch to help engage both American and international students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you know a college student or see one on Sunday, invite them to join in after the second service in the Christian Challenge building.

Membership Class

We are devoted to knowing one another truly. This doesn’t mean we each know everyone, but it does mean everyone will be known by someone. We make sure that those in our family are known by first making a commitment to each other. The Membership Class is the first step to exploring that commitment! If you’d like to come and participate or know a visitor you’d like to invite, it will take place in the West Wing on November 2nd from 9:00am-4:00pm.

May we each walk the road of grace today.

Your sister,