Brothers and sisters,

I pray your week has been one of waiting on and trusting in God—the righteous shall live by faith!

Sermon Recap

The setting of last week’s sermon opened up with God’s prophet, Habakkuk, stationed on a watchtower, awaiting God’s response. He had just posed an honest and bold question to the Creator: how could he, a just and righteous God, allow the wicked Babylonians to prosper and conquer the nations—even Judah, his own people?

God’s answer is recorded by Habakkuk for all eternity. Babylon may seem to prosper for a time, but “his soul is puffed up; it is not upright within him” (Hab. 2:4a), and like an arrogant fool making himself drunk, his wine will betray him to his ruin. In contrast to this picture, “the righteous shall live by his faith” (Hab. 2:4b).

Pride and faith can have nothing to do with each other. This is because faith—biblical faith—means relying on God’s power, not upon one’s own strength. The gorilla pounding on its chest, the person who brags of wealth, or his own good deeds, or her own intellect, or whatever else, will soon find out that none of these self-manufactured things can bear the weight of God’s judgment. But the one who waits on the Lord, trusting in Christ and relying on the righteousness that he provides, will certainly live. As we look out on the world, this may not seem to be true. The arrogant may seem care-free and prosperous, and the righteous one living by faith may seem to suffer many hardships. But remember God’s words to Habakkuk concerning the fulfillment of his word: “If it seems slow, wait for it…” (Hab. 2:3).

DiscipleMakers Intensive

This Saturday’s (25th) DiscipleMakers Intensive will meet from 8:30am – 12pm in the East Wing of the auditorium. Join us as DiscipleMakers 1, 2, & 4 gather for a morning of teaching, discussion, and community. All of the church is invited to attend as we explore ways to share our faith with non-believers and believers alike.


Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara