Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday proved to be yet another beneficial time as we heard from Philippians on how to grow.  The transition from a high and lofty view of Christ to the lowland of doing seems abrupt.  But as we saw during our gathering the vantage point from high up on the mountain is to see how to live down in the valleys.  The salvation secured by Christ through his work on the cross drives our work.  This is why Paul instructs the church to “work out your salvation” (Phil 2:12-13).  We should not shy away from pursuing the necessary and normal habits of Christianity that are needed to grow.  Our initial salvation is very different than our ongoing salvation.  This is what Paul is getting at here, that we should work at growing up in our faith, that we should work at daily committing to God.

Brothers and Sisters, are you growing?  Are you committed to pursuing godliness through the scriptures, through community with other brothers and sisters?  Look at the quality of your relationships.  Look at your life and see if there is growth in godliness from a year ago.

20 schemes

There is only one week left before the Getty concert which is going to be used to raise awareness for our mission partners in Scotland.  Remember the venue has changed and the concert is now going to be at Sovereign Grace Church in Gilbert, AZ.  Also, we have a special discount coupon (getty20gagr15)  you can use to receive $15 off each ticket you purchase.  Click here to learn more about 20schemes and their unique work in planting gospel-centered churches in the poorest of Scotland.

Clothing Drive

The Bridge is another partnership we enjoy as a way to passionately engage the surrounding community with the gospel.  Over the next few weeks the children will be collecting clothing to help support The Bridge in reaching some of the poorest in our surrounding area.  There will be a box in the foyer for you to place any of your used clothing of any size in to be collected by the children.  See Jessica Oaks for more details.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry