Church Family,

It is a tremendous privilege to be a part of a church family caring so well for one another in this time of the unexpected being what is most normal each day. Last Sunday, most of you were able to join in for a Zoom Virtual Gathering. Those of us who coordinated it were beaming with joy as we saw your names log in!

This upcoming week, we are in a passage that highlights the gathering of God’s people. How interesting given the times! To join in the Virtual Gathering, use this link at 11:15am on Sunday morning. To join in to Connection Classes, remember ways you are not alone, and learn how to use Zoom, take a look at this graphic.

We’ll be having a Virtual Members Meeting this Sunday in lieu of our previously scheduled one. Join us on the 29th at 6:00pm via Zoom with the meeting ID you will recieve via email on Friday. If you don’t receive it and would like to join in, simply email me for the meeting ID.

May the peace of Christ lead you on each moment of every day.

Your sister,