///Tim Stokes and family visit info

Tim Stokes and family visit info

Hello Church Family,

As you’ve heard by now, we are excited to be bringing in a candidate for the Director of Family Ministries position! You can read more about him here.

Tim Stokes, his wife Linoshca, and son Caden will be visiting us from Wednesday the 21st to Sunday the 25th, and we have some opportunities for everyone to get to know him and his family (and for him to get to know us as well!)

Tim will be meeting with our preschoolers on Wednesday night during their normal activities from 6:30-7:15; and he will meet with our children that same evening from 7:15-8. On Sunday morning, he’ll be in with our youth from 9:30-10:30.

Additionally, we’ve scheduled two opportunities for you to meet with him. The first is on Friday the 23rd at 6:30 in the church auditorium. The second is on Saturday the 24th at 2pm in the children’s building. At each event, we’ll have some light dessert or snacks as you meet with Tim and his family.

We would love to have as many of the volunteers within the family ministry as possible to attend the Friday evening opportunity and as many of the parents and other church members as possible to attend the Saturday afternoon opportunity. But, regardless of whether you are a parent, a volunteer, or a church member, please feel free to attend either and get to know him.

Additionally, our bylaws do not require a vote for this staff position. However, because Tim is coming as a candidate so soon after our new bylaws were voted in, and because we do not yet have a plurality of elders, the Transition Team and Personnel Team believe it is best to go forward with a church vote. Therefore, we will be voting on Tim as our Director of Family Ministries by ballot on Sunday morning the 25th.

If any of you have questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact any of your search team members (Alison Fisher, Dani Fryberger, Dana Lineberger, Morgan Roberts, Tad Skinner). And, please continue to pray for our church as Tim and his family come out to join us!


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