Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Hardship always bring with it an opportunity and a danger, an invitation to grow or to shrink. Last week in Ruth 1:6-22, we saw three women respond to incredible hardship in three different ways. Orpah chose to forsake God and God’s people, and to return to what was familiar and safe. Naomi chose to be bitter towards God, blaming him for her suffering. Ruth chose the way of faith—to trust God despite an uncertain and unfamiliar future. Her faith led to the birth of King David, and ultimately the birth of Jesus Christ. When your life is rocked by hardship, how will you respond? May God grant us faith to follow him, knowing that a good and sovereign God uses hardship for good and glorious ends.

Disciplemakers Intensive

Join us in the church auditorium for the fall DM Intensive on Nov. 3rd from 8:30am – 12pm. Guest speaker Trey Richardson will talk to us about moving from Fear to Faith. In this interactive morning, all Disciplemakers classes are encouraged to come as well as church members and guests. Breakfast is provided.

Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara