What would you do if you had a million dollars? Would you spend it on the true desires of your heart, or would you just let it disappear with no plan? This may surprise you, but it is likely that many of us will be blessed with over a million dollars in the span of our lives. Does the fact that it’s spread out over time make it less meaningful to you?

“Budget” is a word that can strike fear in the hearts of grown men and women, bringing to mind all kinds of chains and restrictions. But a budget is just a tool you can use to direct your money towards the true desires of your heart, which hopefully align with the desires of God’s heart. If you think date night is more important than the Starbucks coffee run, you decide ahead of time rather than when the craving hits.

Jesus didn’t teach his disciples to write a budget. However, he did treat planning ahead as common knowledge when he compared counting the cost of following him to planning a construction project (Luke 14:28-30). We can consider budgeting as part of our assigned task in Genesis 2:15, “working and keeping” what God has provided.

Likely, you don’t need to be convinced that budgeting would help you in your pursuit to honor God with your money. Rather, you might need to be convinced that some form of budgeting is possible to begin and maintain even for you! This is why this week’s tool, Three Ways to Budget, approaches budgeting in three different ways. Take a look to find an approach that works for you and gain some general tips on how to begin.

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Pat Nickel, Member of Church on Mill

Three Ways to Budget