There are few places more isolated than the pastor’s desk. Each week, he walks into the room to accomplish what, if it is not done, and done well, will harm the dozens or hundreds that make up the church. Oftentimes, he is the only staff at the church, bearing the burdens of a body of Christ in his own mind and heart. If he has had training, he is wondering why it failed to prepare him for this work. If he has not had training, he lacks resources and relationships. Despite this, each week it faces him relentlessly: the moment in which he has to face the Bible and communicate its words to a hungry people.

Next week, 53 pastors and other men in ministry who face similar pressures (or soon will) will walk into the doors of Church on Mill. They will come vulnerable and humble. As they present their words to the other men present, they will find a community that kindles their dedication to the faithful and accurate preaching of the Word of God. They will be taught practical skills, receive honest feedback, and observe preaching that prioritizes saying what God says above all else.

A team of 15 Church on Mill members has been working to make this workshop possible. We provide them with a place to learn, a joyful environment, and lots and lots of brain food. Buildings, binders, and burritos. Speakers join us from other states and small group leaders come prepared to shepherd other shepherds.

The participants, including our own Church on Mill ministry staff, are learning something indispensable: the administration of the life-giving medicine of gospel preaching. Church, we have seen the effects of this medicine in our own life, and it is always amazing—sometimes stupefying. What joy to help others receive it.

As one author said, “Christ is the highest good and my true good.” Pray with us that the men who attend the Charles Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition from October 23rd-25th would remember Christ as their own, personal, true good. Ask that when they walk into their offices two Mondays from now, they would have a keen awareness of his work in them through his Word. Pray that they would see him as the highest good for every person they go on to minister to. Pray that this lifts the burden from the pastor’s soul about being the savior, and instead inspires them to share the Savior.

If you would like more information on the Charles Simeon Trust, it is available on their website.