///The New Season of Giving

The New Season of Giving

Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

Tad presented the sermon last Sunday about the things that we being sinners seek our happiness in, and how the Lord promises us so much greater than what we think our idols offer. Please listen to the sermon here if you haven’t already.

Youth Retreat

If you are in Junior High or High School, breathe oxygen, and have a vowel in your name, listen up: this January 16th-18th the church will host a Youth Retreat in beautiful Payson, Arizona. For a registration fee of $75.00, you along with your friends can travel 80 miles north to spend three days within the green foliage of the mountains, where you can join in with others for games, music, and spiritual rejuvenation. Please contact Allison Buelt or David Oaks for more information.

Lottie Moon Christmas Support for IMB

Transition Team member Scott Wakefield shared last Sunday about the history of Lottie Moon and missions through the International Mission Board. All proceeds given to the annual SBC Lottie Moon fund go 100% to support international work. Church on Mill gladly supports the IMB with a portion of every dollar given to the offering. You can give additionally to IMB at imb.org.

Director of Family Ministries

We are also very happy to announce that Tim Stokes started his role a DOFM today.  Welcome him into our church family when you see him soon.

Members Meeting

Coming up this Sunday at 6:00pm will be our last members meeting of the year. Please attend so that you can hear some moving testimonies by our own church members, eat some treats off of our famed dessert table, meet new members, and hear about some very important information about what our church will strive to achieve throughout 2016.

Now guess what time it is? It’s time to get up the tree, hang up the lights, and put your light-up nativity decorations outside your front lawn! Throughout this season, try to consider further what the Lord really asks of you as we gather to celebrate the birth of our savior. Just remember Luke 2:8-14, and let that Scripture shine against the self-seeking commercialism of the world. Have a wonderful week!

With much love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

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