Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck taught us from Acts 15:1-35. In this sermon, we learned that the difference between those who follow Christ and those who do not should not be a fine line. Rather, it is a thick, red line. The blood of Jesus distinguishes his people from the rest of the world…and anyone and everyone is invited to cross this line. Listen in to our podcast or video podcast to learn more. Don’t forget to check out the Q&A!

As announced at the end of the Gatherings, you can sign up for next week and give online as we seek to worship well in a pandemic.

The Desert and The Waiting Place

This week on the Jesus is Better page, we have a new prayer, “In the Desert.” Written by Abby Newkirk, it is a gift to our church family as we seek hope while walking through a demoralizing time. Kristina Chow also contributed a new gem to the page with her article, “The Waiting Place.” If you have wondered how in the world we are expected to keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting for things to get better, this article is for you.

Psalms and Prayers

Stay tuned for a special fall 2020 series of evenings of Psalms and Prayers. Sermonettes accompanied by guided prayer will be energizing and edifying to us, and we are excited to share more details soon.

Your sister,