The following Connections Classes will be held this summer:

Session I 5/29-7/10 (7 weeks)

Who Am I
Auditorium Northeast Wing
We tend to find our identity in what we own, what we do, what we look like, or what’s been done to us; however, none of those provide lasting identity. Identity at its deepest and most significant levels is given not earned. An inadequate understanding of identity leads to ruin, but a proper estimation of self inspires a joy-filled, God-honoring life.
Teacher: Bryan Jerry

Session II 7/17-8/28 (7 weeks)

Knowing God
Auditorium Northeast Wing
We all know our good friends well, right? We can describe their character traits and know how we should relate to them. But, what about God? Who is He? What are some key attributes that make God who He is? And, how do we live in response to Him? We will explore how God is great, glorious, good and gracious!
Teacher: Tad Skinner and Erik Naylor

Summer I & II 5/29-8/28

A Summer of Love and Respect
Auditorium Southeast Wing
Too often the church or the counselors office serve as the Emergency Room for broken and battered marriages. Join us for a Summer long study through “Love and Respect” by Emmerson Eggerichs on how we relate to one another in marriage according to Paul in Ephesians 5. Let’s begin to exercise and keep our marriages in shape rather than waiting for a crisis sends us to the ER.
Teacher: Nick & Danielle Fryberger

One to One Bible Reading
Auditorium Northwest Wing
As our lives get busier and our time more precious, Bible reading can get left behind, let alone reading with a brother or sister… This Summer let’s grab a partner (or two) and pledge to meet one hour a week to read the Scriptures TOGETHER! COM will provide free childcare, a quiet place to meet, and suggestions on how to get started. Join us for a brief meeting the first week of Summer. If you don’t have a partner yet, come anyway and we’ll find you one!
Teacher: Chuck Newkirk