Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Last week Pastor Chuck preached from Matthew 18:15-20. In these verses, Jesus calls the church to take an active role in the discipleship and discipline of its members. We are to be lighthouses for one another, putting a spotlight on the jagged rocks of sin that would dash our souls. The culture tells us that it is loving to ignore someone’s sin, when in fact it is hateful and dangerous. We love each other best when we help each other grow up into Christ-likeness. When is the last time you lovingly pointed out a sinful blind spot to a brother or sister? How do you respond when someone tries to help you see a sinful blind spot in your own life? Let’s be a church loving enough to do the hard work of watching out for each others’ souls!

Financial Update

Thank you for your generosity in giving. Our finances are not ultimately ours but God’s—and yet he is pleased when we are faithful stewards of what he has entrusted to us, and he uses our resources to further his gospel purposes on the earth. Currently, we are about $20,000 behind in our annual budget. Let’s continue to give sacrificially as God leads, always remembering that our true treasure is in heaven. To give online, click here.

Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara