Dear Church Family,

Ruth 1:1-5

Last week we started a new series in Ruth. Ruth is a great book dealing with questions like, “Can we trust God?” “Can we actually count on him when things get hard?” “Is he really sovereign?” The book takes no time delving into these issues as we read the first five verses to find a family struck by death and tragedy. We lamented that they seem cursed by God and yet in their hopelessness we are reminded of the joy of the gospel. All of us turn away from God in our own way, and yet Jesus came that he might be cursed for us and deliver us as righteous before the Father. What a beautiful gospel. You can check out the sermon here.

Disciplemakers Intensive: From Fear to Faith

Fear is something we rarely talk about, however many of us live in chronic fear every day. Fear of man, fear of losing security, fear of illness, all sorts of other fears plague us and wear us down. And yet, God has designed us to live not a life of fear, but a life of faith. Join us on November 3rd from 8:30 am-12:00 pm in the auditorium as we talk about moving from fear of the world to faith in God with special guest speaker Trey Richardson.

Your Brother in Christ,