Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Have you ever experienced a time where you felt God was silent or distant from you? Last week we encountered psalm 42, where a believer laments the absence of God. Pastor Tad took us through this and explained what we call “spiritual depression”. Even though the psalmist seems to be in a spiritual depression he continually preaches God’s promises to himself and reminds himself of God’s goodness. It was a really encouraging message of how we can weather the storm by the spirit of God through our remembrance of his goodness!

Financial Update

Thank you for your faithful giving and generosity. All of our giving goes to keep the church functions and ministries running as well as outreach to the college campus and community. We are currently about 10,000 dollars behind our yearly budget. Please consider how you may give to help us reach our goals and better reach our community with the gospel.

Your brother in Christ,