As a church family, we transitioned to two gatherings about nine months ago. We hoped and prayed that we could reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ as we provided more space for them to worship with us on Sunday mornings in Tempe. We also wanted to grow as a church so that we could ultimately send teams, not just individuals, to do the work of church planting and revitalization across the nation and the world.

By God’s grace, it has been a tremendous nine months! The members of Church on Mill stepped up to fill 114 serving positions to make two gatherings a reality. It has been a beautiful thing to watch the church serve together in new ways.

God has graciously let us see some of the work he is doing through our service in very tangible ways. We hardly ever talk about numbers here at Church on Mill, because it is frighteningly easy to slip into being a church that cares too much about numbers and not enough about people. But, at a moment like this, it is helpful to give specific praise to God as his people sometimes did in the New Testament when they recounted God’s work in the church.

Since starting two gatherings:

  • About 20% more people are here on Sunday mornings hearing God’s word
  • Church membership has grown by 13% (the 25 people pictured above!)
  • A higher percentage of members are serving regularly than in any church the staff has ever heard of

Praise God! More people are hearing the gospel each week at Church on Mill. More believers are serving one another.

One of the primary ways God matures us as Christians is through serving one another, so as we plan for our second year of two gatherings, we gladly look forward to the ways God will continue to mature our church body as we serve him faithfully. Next year, from August 2018-July 2019, there are 128 roles in which we can serve one another and grow in our faith through using our gifts and talents on Sunday mornings.

In light of this, we pray every member would deeply consider serving in one of the year-long commitments shown in this link. If you are already serving, you may want to make another year commitment to the same area of ministry, or you may want to try something different. Talk with whomever leads the area you are serving in. If you are not yet serving, email to get connected.

We’d love to see God fill all of these spots in May so that the summer can be spent praying and training for the next school year. Who knows what God will do next as we Serve One Another!