Project Description

A Series through 1 Samuel

From the tumultuous days of the judges to the tragic death of Israel’s first king, the book of 1st Samuel recounts a critical period in the history of God’s people. Named after the prophet who plays a central role in its story, Samuel was unique from conception, and served as God’s chosen instrument for the conclusion of the judges and the appointments of the first two kings of Israel. Given King David’s significance – Jesus would come from his line – a grasp on God’s work in 1st Samuel is necessary for understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ today. And just as Saul, David, and all Israel were to obey God’s Word, by grace we too must do the same. May this true epic tale be used by God to that end.

Previously Recorded

Slaughtered Saul
The Coming King
Saved and Strengthened
Desperate Times, Dumb Decisions
Who Brings to Justice Anyway?
A Merciful Man
A Tale of Two Kings
Costly Relationships
God’s Chosen King
Israel’s King Rejected
The Crumbling Crown
Israel’s King
A Donkey, A Prophet, A King
Be Careful What You Ask For
A Reformation of Repentance
The Presence of God
When God Speaks
Cleaning House
God’s Work for his World
God’s Work in a Womb