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Project Description

Four Liberating Truths about God

The most important thing about you is what you think about when you think about God. Our perspective on God impacts every single area of life – every day!  And yet what we have heard about God often seems incredibly distant from daily life.  In this important series, we will consider four liberating truths about God and discover together how to implement them into daily life.

Date Title Selected Passages
April 23, 2017 God is Great  (so we don’t have to be in control) Psalm 27
April 30 God is Glorious  (so we don’t have to fear others) Psalm 31
May 7 God is Good  (so we don’t have to look elsewhere) Psalm 94
May 14 God is Gracious  (so we don’t have to prove ourselves) Psalm 103

(Each “God is…” phrase is taken from Tim Chester’s excellent book, You Can Change, pg 97)