Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

In last week’s sermon on John 4:43-54, an official’s son was dying, so the official went to find the one hope he had left. This was the man who had just worked a miracle at Cana turning water into wine! Perhaps a miracle was possible for the official’s boy if this Jesus would come to the house and see him. When he found Jesus, Jesus told him “Go; your son will live.” The official believed the words that Jesus spoke. He went back to his son, not only believing his son to be healed, but also believing in something much more important: the power of Jesus, the Savior for the whole world. He had genuine faith, as he had taken God at his saving word. As a church body, how can we take God at his saving word? Listen to the sermon from last Sunday to hear specific suggestions.

Disciplemakers Intensive

Hopefully your calendars are already marked! This morning of free breakfast and teaching on two relevant and complex topics is for those attending Disciplemakers classes and anyone else who would like to engage in transparent conversation and biblical teaching. Join us October 21st, 8:30am-noon in the COM Auditorium.

LATN Lunch

Life Among the Nations (LATN) is Church on Mill’s ministry to international students at Arizona State University. With over 12,000 students from other countries, including many that are closed to Christians, we are thankful the nations have come to ASU. What a mission field God has provided the church! One way Life Among the Nations staff and volunteers engage the students is a monthly free lunch after the 11:15am Sunday worship gathering. Here, the international students can eat homecooked food, relate to others who are across the world from their families, and engage in gospel conversations. Look for internationals you can invite.

In Christ,