Dear Chrurch Family,

1 Sam. 9:1-10:27

Last Sunday we watched the new king of Israel introduced as Saul. Saul went out looking for donkeys and through a variety of unusual events, came back the king if Israel. It was a strange story to see all of the coincidences and bizarre events that brought Saul into the kingship. One thing is certain though, that God is in control, there is no other way this could have happened. And so God gave Israel exactly what they wanted, a king like all the other nations, a man incapable of finding his own lost donkeys. What a good reminder that our true king, Jesus is in complete control and capable of all things. You can check out the sermon here.

VBS Signups

Vacation Bible School is one of our key annual initiatives to reach out with the gospel to neighborhood kids as well as disciple Church on Mill. It’s coming up June 3rd-7th. Pick up more information on supplies needed this Sunday and consider this opportunity to serve our children with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your Brother in Christ,