Church Family,

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter together with Pastor Chuck’s message on Romans 8:18-25. What does the resurrection mean to us today? It means that every heartache is incomparable to the future glory of those who are counted as the sons and daughters of God. Listen in, catch the Q&A, and sign up for next week.

What a Weekend!

This morning, Pastor Chuck sent out a letter to show us some of the ways our church family saw God’s might and mercy over Easter weekend. To read and see pictures from Easter, click here.

Abuse and the Gospel

The gospel brings hope and the church brings life to all victims of abuse. How are we able to make a statement so bold as this when, tragically, this image has been marred in the past? Join us at Trinity Bible Church for Abuse and the Gospel, a free conference on April 17th from 9:00am-11:30am. Register and get more info here.

Joy, peace, boldness, and confidence are ours in the Spirit. May we live in him.

Your sister,


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