Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Do you remember a time where failure resulted in disqualification? This was Peter’s situation as we read John 21:15-25. In Peter’s case, the last interaction he had with the Jesus before his death was to publicly deny him three times. This is the same man who said he would never forsake Jesus no matter the cost! You can imagine the pain and sadness Peter felt. Last week we heard how Jesus generously dealt with Peter’s failure, and through that, an encouraging example of how God deals with all believers in the midst of our mistakes. Through this interaction, we see how Jesus doesn’t just forgive us but he graciously commissions us and shows us the standard of leadership for his church!

Financial Update

Thank you all for your generosity and faithful giving. Your contributions help keep the church’s various ministries running day to day as well as reach out to the community through concentrated outreach efforts like Vacation Bible School for kids! The church is currently about one week behind budget. Please consider how you may give over and above your normal offering.

Your brother in Christ,

Brandon Reimus