A testimony from Megan Roberts, Deacon of Preschool Ministry

A year ago today, my friend Dean was baptized and became a part of this church family. He had stage IV colon cancer and was in so much pain in the picture here. God used his love of wrestling to bring him to meet my friend Tony a few years back. Tony then met Jesus. Then Dean met Jesus through Tony. Dean started coming to our Gospel Community with Tony for around 6 months, if he was able.

Dean had become a part of our church’s family and we were devastated when he passed away about 2 months after this picture of him being baptized. He was with his family in California.

Judah, my son, was three and a half when Dean died, and although Dean didn’t have an MDiv or extensive Biblical knowledge and only started then to have a changed heart from sin, the Holy Spirit used Dean’s life to speak comfort and truth into my family. We talked about how he would have a new body with no more pain, and that Jesus would return and claim all people to him (Dean, of course, wanted Jesus to return before he passed, and smiled as he said it). Three and a half is a really hard age to learn about death, but because Dean was a part of our family, Judah began to understand that to live is Christ, but to die is gain. God would take care of Dean. Being saved by Jesus didn’t mean his cancer would go away and everything would be flowers and roses, but he would have comfort beyond that pain in the arms of his savior.

You never know what passions a person will have that God will use to save them eternally. Keep praying for your friends and family members, like Tony did. Thank you God, for Dean Harmon.