Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Husbandless, childless, and with no means of provision, Ruth returns with Naomi to a foreign land. She will put her lot in with the God of Israel and seek refuge under His wing. This refuge comes to her in the form of a man, Boaz, who provides food for her and Naomi. Last week we discovered in Ruth 2:17-23 that Boaz is not just anybody—he is a relative and “redeemer” of Naomi’s family. As a redeemer, he provides the means for Ruth and Naomi to live. Church, consider this week the Redeemer we have in Jesus Christ, who gave his life so that we might live. Consider all of his good provisions! The wing of refuge that wraps around you was extended at great cost. When trouble comes, remember this: God is for you, Christian!

Simeon Trust

This week (Tuesday-Friday) Church on Mill is hosting a preaching workshop called the Simeon Trust. Around 40 pastors will be gathering together each day to hash out the meaning and application of the biblical text, evaluate each other’s work, and listen to top-notch instruction on handling God’s word. Keep these brothers in your prayers. May the work they do this week equip them to equip the saints!

Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara