Last Sunday

Level up, battle, upgrade, die, repeat. Video games are seductive. They promise a world where you can be a hero and have significance. If you don’t like the real world, then escape into a fake one. If you don’t like the rules of that world, choose a different one. You are on the throne. You choose. We might not all play video games, but we all crave the false reality that video games promise.  Scriptures shows us this in John 18:28-19:16 at the trial of Jesus. Pilot, in his false reality, boasts of his kingdom to the man who is King of kings. The Roman soldiers, in their false reality, flex their muscles and brutalize the God of the universe. A mob of Jews, in their false reality, maintain ritual purity for Passover but condemn the truly pure Passover lamb. Are we any different than Pilot? Then the soldiers? Then the Jews? False realities are nearer to our hearts then we wish to admit. Each of us is daily tempted to live as our own king, as our own truth, or as our own holiness. It is not until we see and worship Jesus as the better King, the real truth, and the ultimate Passover Lamb that we will stop living in our video game lives. Let us humbly repent from our fake world living and turn to the one who can make us whole, for real.

Membership Class

Considering membership? Our membership class is a great way to learn more. At Church on Mill we see membership as a privilege and responsibility to care well for brothers and sisters in Christ. Committing to one another through covenantal membership is one way that we seek to obey the one-another’s in Scripture. Please join us for our upcoming membership class on Saturday, May 12 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm in the Auditorium.

Your brother in Christ,