Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday we began our new year of serving rotations (which God provided for abundantly through you!), and we began a three-week sermon series called The Body. Pastor Chuck showed us how Psalm 34 is a picture of someone who has sought the Lord and found him faithful. Then, rather than keeping this joy to himself, he completed it by inviting others to know this same God. As a church, this is our purpose! To find joy in God and to gladly ask others to join in. Listen in here if you missed it.

Members Meeting

The long-awaited Members Meeting in which we’ll vote on the proposed Membership Statement of Faith is this Sunday the 25th. Grab a dessert to share, arrive at 6:00pm, and enjoy the time of fellowship. In addition to the vote, we will be skyping the Hoshiwaras, our missionary partners in Thailand! As typical of these family gatherings, we will also have testimonies, prayer, and other ministry updates.

Disciplemakers Launch Night

Our pastors have put together a four-semester class designed grow any Christian in their ability to be a disciple and make disciples. Anyone who hasn’t yet gone through the studies would be greatly encouraged and edified by them. Learn more by attending the informational Launch Night on August 28th at 6:30pm in the auditorium.

Missions Fair

The First Annual Missions Fair of Church on Mill is coming up Sunday, September 15th from 6:00-7:30pm in the auditorium. Church on Mill desires to be full of Christ-followers who are actively engaged in sharing the gospel around the world, and this is a wonderful opportunity to stay updated and involved as a body.

If you like some tunes to help cement the Bible in your heart, this one on Psalm 34 may be helpful!

Your sister,