Dear Church Family,

Psalm 12

Last week Pastor Chuck took us through Psalm 12, a psalm of lament about the purity and protective power of God’s word. What can we do in a culture where words are thrown around flippantly and destructively? We live in a world where people lie and flatter, but we can know that God’s word is never false. And for those who love him and follow him, God’s words will help us to endure the falsehood, slander, and deceit in this life. Check out the sermon here.

New Connection Classes

Connection Classes are our weekly, Sunday morning elective classes for adults to meet each other and learn from God’s Word about specific topics. Two new Connection Classes start this Sunday.

At 9:30, in the Christian Challenge building, Randy Hagler will be teaching “Financial Stewardship”. The Bible has a lot to say about how we steward God’s resources and how we can use them in blessing and hardship for the glory of His name. Join us as we discuss how to manage finances in God honoring ways.

At 11:15, in the Christian Challenge building, Todd Diehl will be teaching “The Bible’s Grand Story”. In this class we will discuss the single thread that weaves throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, this is the Bible’s grand story, depicting God’s love for humanity.

Disciple Makers

Disciple makers are starting up this month. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday August 22 at 6:30pm discussing the topics and books we will read. Classes will officially begin August 29th and continue every Wednesday. These classes are designed to take believers at any level in their walk with Christ and equip and empower them to be disciple makers of Jesus.

Your Brother in Christ,