Dear Church Family,

1 Samuel 21:1-15

Nick prepared the sermon for us this last week as David came to the priestly city of Nob. There, David lied to get provisions on his run from Saul. He then ran to Gath where he had to act like a madman to escape. In what seemed like a strange chapter we saw that God go through extraordinary circumstances to save his anointed king. And that through his humble anointed one, God opposes the proud. You can check out the sermon here.

Youth Testimony

Last Sunday Grace Diehl came up and gave a testimony about her time at MFuge youth camp. The youth had a great time and learned a lot while they were there. Grace detailed one highlight where a student came to faith in Christ through looking at the drawings she had created of the gospel. What an incredible story! As you see the youth make sure to ask them what they learned at camp.

Membership Statement of Faith

Here is a link to the proposed membership statement of faith, we will be voting on it in August so please get acquainted with it.

Your Brother in Christ