Church Family,

Andy Clare, a member of Church on Mill, brought us the Word of God from Galatians 4:21-31 this past Sunday. He showed us that spiritually free people are created through a promise, not through works. Do you feel free? If not, give this message a relisten.

What do Bubble Machines, Bounce Houses, and Mashed Potatoes all Have in Common?

They’ll all be at our third annual Thanksgiving Picnic! Well, as long as someone brings mashed potatoes. If you haven’t decided what to bring yet, you could consider that or another side dish, as it seems like we have plenty of desserts coming. No matter what, we’d love to have you there! Join us with a friend at Daley Park this Sunday, the 24th, from 3pm-6pm. Be sure to sign up for the basketball or football tournaments on Sunday at the greeting table if you plan to participate!

What does Jesus Say About Church?

Would you like to get back to understanding the roots of why we are in a season of considering church governance proposals from the elders? Read more here to check out a sermon series from the past that may be of help.

There are 10 days left of the month of Thanksgiving. Have you yet considered if you might make a special Thankgiving Offering this month as you consider how God has used this church family in your life? Give it some thought as you prepare the cranberries and pumpkin pies this weekend.

Your sister,