Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

Phil, one of the Pastoral Residents on staff at Church on Mill, preached on John 10:22-42 this past Sunday during our New Year’s Eve gathering. In this passage, Jesus showed the Jews that they were engaging in a massive hypocrisy. They trusted the men God used to speak his word in the past, but were unwilling to trust God himself in the flesh. They were calling blasphemy as Jesus claimed to be one with the father, but accepted much lesser manifestations of God’s power.

Each of us does this daily, as Phil brought to light. We accept the influence of gifts of God and use them wrongly, and yet we won’t bow to Jesus, the one true God. Whether you have accepted the claims of Christ or not, listen to the sermon if you’d like to better understand the words of Jesus and your heart toward him. Nothing could be more important than worshiping him over all else.

Wednesday Nights Begin Again Next Week!

Are you a preschooler? (Then I’m surprised you’re reading this!) Are you a child? Are you a youth? Are you an adult? Then great news: Wednesday night activities begin again on January 10th at 6:30pm. Through the semester, there will be meaningful Bible lessons and activities for kids of all ages and the second and fourth semesters of Disciplemakers will be taking place. If you are interested in Disciplemakers, come on the 10th at 6:30pm for the noncommittal Launch Night where more information and materials will be available. Check out descriptions of the classes here or email with any questions you might have.

New Connection Classes

Connection Classes seek to connect people to meaningful study of Scripture and encourage healthy relationships across the church family. This is wonderful, as the Bible calls every believer to engage with other believers and seek to love God with all of their mind. The next round of these short-term classes begins on January 7th. Take a look at the descriptions below for a preview!

9:30 God’s Good Design Understanding our identity in Christ is critical to a free, joy-filled, God-honoring life. Part of a person’s identity must involve understanding God’s design of man and woman as the Bible teaches. Men and women are made in the image of God, yet each has been made different than the other. How do those similarities and differences affect how we live our daily lives? Join us as we look at how God’s Good Design of Man and Woman works itself out in our homes, in our families, in our jobs, and in the church. The men will meet in the College Building and the women will meet in the Christian Challenge Building.

11:15 Finding God’s Will Most of us desire to know God’s will for our lives. We want to serve Him with our every decision, but the Bible doesn’t appear to give us specific answers to many of the everyday decisions that we face. Join us as we seek God’s guidance and biblical wisdom to make decisions that glorify God and pursue His perfect will.


May your work week help you see more of God’s truth and character.

In Christ,