///New Connection Classes Beginning Oct 18

New Connection Classes Beginning Oct 18

Beginning October 18 at 9:30am, we will be offering three Connections Classes. These classes will run for five weeks through November 13.

Church Membership
Auditorium Northwest Wing
Description: Church Membership is one of the most important commitments we make in life. Come explore who Church on Mill is, what we are about, and how you can get more involved. We also encourage current members who have not been through the membership class to join us.
Teacher: Chuck Newkirk

Discipleship II
Auditorium Northeast Wing
Description: Over and over scripture calls us to grow in maturity and Christ-likeness… What does that mean and how do we get there? Once someone has confessed saving faith in Christ, how do we help them grow? Come join us as we learn and try some practical things to disciple one another every day!
Teacher: Nick Fryberger

Read, Discuss, and Understand
Auditorium Southeast Wing
When you attend a Bible study are you being given a fish or fishing for yourself? Join us as we learn how to fish for ourselves with practical strategies for interpreting the Bible. These methods will enrich your personal Bible reading and help you prepare for and participate more meaningfully in group Bible studies.
Teacher: Harry Hahne

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