///New Connection Classes Beginning Feb 21

New Connection Classes Beginning Feb 21

Beginning February 21 at 9:30am, we will be offering three Connections Classes. These classes will run through April 3 but there will be no classes on Easter Sunday, March 27.

Living As A Church
Auditorium Northwest Wing
Description: Jesus’ death and resurrection provide the foundation for unity not only with God, but also with God’s people. This unity is so distinct that Jesus based the credibility of his mission upon it. In this class we will discuss how to preserve and enjoy harmony in the church.
Teacher: Bryan Jerry

The Fear of Man
Auditorium Northeast Wing
The “fear of man” is our tendency to value or dread the opinions, support, and presence of other people in our lives. This misplaced fear distorts our understanding of God and impacts our relationships with others. Join us as we discover how to gain an appropriate “fear of God” and how that allows us to have right relationships with God and others.
Teacher: Nick Fryberger

Loving the Way Jesus Loves
Auditorium Southeast Wing
How we “love” serves as both a path towards and the greatest outward indicator of our spiritual maturity. This class will take an in-depth look at love, as exemplified by Jesus. How did Jesus show that love is not easily angered or that love always hopes? And, how does that help us to love one another (as Jesus instructed)? Join us as we study and discuss “Loving the Way Jesus Loved.”
Teacher: Tad Skinner

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