Brothers and Sisters,

It was enjoyable to have missionary Tim share with us this past Sunday.  Church on Mill is deeply committed to reaching the nations by helping missionaries passionately engage their communities through support and participation.  Tim reminded us from Psalm 67 that God intends to reach the nations through each of us–the church!  Primarily through blessing us so we in turn bless others (Gen 12:2).   These blessings are best understood as the God-given enhancement of life, the bestowal of gifts which bear witness to the goodness of God.  These blessings can take many forms but the most significant way by which God has blessed us is our salvation (Rom 4:7).  We often misunderstand our blessings and turn them inward by being so self-centered rather than looking outward with a God saturated view of the world around us.  It is precisely because the nations did not know God that the Psalmist prays for God’s blessings.  Not to make them great but rather so the world would know God and his saving power (Ps 67:1-2).  Brothers and Sisters, we are so strategically placed and have the nations at our door step each week.  May we have a right view of our blessings that compels us out of gratitude and joy to reach the nations!

New Connection Classes

A new connection class will begin on Sunday July 17th at 9:30.  Love and Respect will continue throughout the rest of the summer while Who Am I? will finish this Sunday and Knowing God will take its place starting July 17th.  Here is a description: We all know our good friends well, right? We can describe their character traits and know how we should relate to them. But, what about God? Who is He? What are some key attributes that make God who He is? And, how do we live in response to Him? We will explore how God is great, glorious, good and gracious!

Our Beliefs

A church’s shared beliefs in gospel truths are the basis for their unity in Christ. Far more important than size or style, a church’s doctrinal convictions drive all aspects of church life.  If you are unfamiliar with what we believe here at Church on Mill might I encourage you to take a few moments and read our statement of faith.  Theology drives worship and practice so these statements form the foundation from which we live.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry

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