1. Interns (or simply church members who are being groomed for significant leadership in your church) would need to apply to both your church and Phoenix Seminary under the normal admissions processes. Tell the intern to inform the enrollment counselors at the Seminary that they are doing the MAA as part of a TGC AZ member church.
  2. Interns can take as much as 18 hours! The fall semester offers 9 hours and the spring 9 hours (two six hour classes and two three hour classes). Note that this is full-time master’s level credit equivalent to an entire year of seminary without having to go to the seminary campus or leave the local church. Here are the syllabi for the classes: MA501 | MA 502 | MA 503 | MA 504. Please note that 12 of the 18 hours replace core credit, while the other 6 are elective hours in each degree program.
  3. Students with strong academic standing will be given a 50% discount in tuition. As long as the student maintains a 3.0 grade point average, all classes taken in the MAA and throughout the entire degree on campus will be given this discount. This is huge! Your church can also choose to contribute towards the student, which the seminary matches to a certain dollar amount, which further drives the cost down.
  4. This is designed to encourage both people who know they are headed on a seminary track and those who never really considered it but want serious training for ministry. All materials assigned in these four classes are aimed at preparing students for on-the-ground pastoral experience.

Our hope as TCG AZ is to offer the courses that really should belong in local churches, overseen by local pastors among our great fellowship through The Gospel Coalition. Phoenix Seminary has graciously agreed that we are an important group in Arizona and have given us great latitude to move this direction. You can apply to Phoenix Seminary today here and also to be an intern or resident at Church on Mill here.