Seminaries are a gift to the Church in many ways, but so much of what pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders need to know about serving the church cannot be learned in a classroom. We believe the education of future pastors requires real church experience.

Our internship program seeks to expose future pastors and leaders to the typical ebb and flow of local church ministry and to equip them with a pastoral, ecclesiological grid for the care for the people of God. What qualifications are necessary to be an elder? What’s the job description of a pastor? Is church membership both biblical and necessary? How does one build a culture of discipleship in the local church? God’s Word is not silent on these matters. Interns read significant works on these issues, discuss them in weekly meetings, watch as these principles are put into practice at Church on Mill, and are given hands-on experience.

Additionally, this internship program is an excellent way for church members to gain further training in meaningful membership and living all of life under King Jesus. We welcome interns whether you hope to serve in vocational ministry or not. Our aim is not to equip you to replicate Church on Mill in your future ministry involvement. Instead, we want to give you a theological grasp on all the Bible has to say about the local church along with an accessible philosophy of ministry from which you will have the tools needed to plant, revitalize, or support ministry in another local church. In addition to those interns that are sent according to their callings elsewhere, interns do often continue to be involved at Church on Mill well beyond the formal end of their internship. Our church is a family, and the meaningful membership of those with internship training in a local church is valuable to our body.

Internship Structure and Work

Interns generally commit to a semester-long (5 months) volunteer position, spending several hours per week serving in a particular area of need in the church. The intern position is designed for personal growth, exploration of a call to vocational ministry, and early mentoring for future ministry. Internships are often people’s first exposure to observe church leaders while gaining critical serving experience. Between studying and serving our interns allocate about 10 hours per week to the internship.

A good portion of the internship experience is reading and reflecting on theological issues important to healthy ministry. Additional responsibilities include writing and presenting multiple papers, being mentored by an experienced pastoral leader, and entry-level hands on ministry experience in particular areas of church life. Expect to be exposed to a wide range of ministry activities and situations, in addition to fulfilling all the normal duties of meaningful church membership.

Internship Reading

In addition to regular interaction with the Bible, interns read a host of terrific books and articles focused on biblical content and meaningful application

Who Is Eligible?

We welcome applications from men and women who desire to be equipped for vocational or non-vocational ministry and who are able to affirm Church on Mill’s doctrinal statement and become members of the church.

Is This Internship For You?

If you are looking for an easy opportunity for career advancement in a perfect church, this is not the program for you. Church on Mill is a work in progress and we expect strong work from residents. If, however, you are looking for a church seeking to bathe all of church life in the Bible and expose residents to the complexities of ministry in the real world, we’d love for you to apply. Please submit an application as early as possible. Spots are limited. We look forward to hearing from you.

Want Seminary Credit?

One of the unique opportunities of an internship at Church on Mill is the availability to earn 18 hours of seminary credit over the course of two semesters. Interns with a qualified undergraduate degree who apply to Phoenix Seminary will be able to knock out an entire year’s worth of seminary classes. Here are a few specifics:

  1. Interns can take as much as 18 hours! The fall semester offers 9 hours and the spring 9 hours (two six hour classes and two three hour classes). Note that this is full-time master’s level credit equivalent to an entire year of seminary without having to go to the seminary campus or leave the local church. Here are the syllabi for the classes: MA501 | MA 502 | MA 503 | MA 504. Please note that 12 of the 18 hours replace core credit, while the other 6 are elective hours in each degree program.
  2. Students with strong academic standing will be given a 50% discount in tuition. As long as the student maintains a 3.0 grade point average, all classes taken in the MAA and throughout the entire degree on campus will be given this discount. This is huge!
  3. You can apply to Phoenix Seminary today here and also to be an intern at Church on Mill here.