Brothers and Sisters,

As we wrapped up our time together this Sunday in the book of Colossians I was overwhelmed at the comprehensive work of God through Christ in our lives.  We have looked intently these past four weeks at various ways in which Christ, the God-man works.  He is the foundation on which we stand for salvation, sanctification, moral living, and how we conduct ourselves daily in all facets of life.  The natural progression of Christ, who is God (Col 1:15-20), reconciling man is to turn outwards (Col 4:5-6).  Our reconciliation was never meant to keep us away from the world or away from social atrocities but rather plunge headfirst into the darkness with the light.  We know and have experienced that the only answer to our greatest ills is Christ shed blood.  So let us pray diligently to God that doors would be open and we would clearly declare the message of Christ in love (Col 4:2-6).  May we be a church that suffers in prayer and works hard towards those around us to know and enjoy Christ (Col 4:12-13).  Our mission, according to Colossians, is to declare Christ through lives lived in wisdom and speech that is seasoned with the gospel.

Theology Night

Wednesday August 10th from 6:30pm-8:00pm we will kick off our regular adult Wednesday night gatherings with a Theology Night.  We will discuss the latest trend of mass shootings that have rocked our world both here and overseas.  What should our response be to senseless killings like these and how do we process the amount of them that have occurred in such a short time span?  Pastor Chuck will walk us through a biblical response to this current issue and remind us of the hope we have in Christ.  Plan on attending to hear from God’s word which will guide us to find rest in Christ rather than the turbulent society with its ever changing thinking.  Childcare will be provided.

DiscipleMakers (starts Aug 17th)

For many of us, if we have any church background at all, we were trained to attend activities, not equipped with the Word to apply the gospel to the heart in biblical community in order to build reproducible disciples.  As a result, we struggle to read our own hearts, let alone the secular culture around us.  It does not have to be this way.  God’s Word can go forth from us with God’s power.  In fact, it must!

You are already a disciple of someone or something and you are already making disciples of someone or something.  Come learn how to be an effective disciple of Jesus who invites people into the incomparable joy of following Jesus.  Click here to learn more about DiscipleMakers and then click here to reserve your spot.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry