Church Family,

Merry Christmas! This Christmas, we can find peace in the presence of Jesus with us. Because he came as a baby, we know he will go to the depths of humility to meet us and rescue us. Because he came from a human, we know he is human, understanding every part of our temptations and weaknesses. Because he was born of a virgin, we know he is able to make an infinite sacrifice for us as the true Son of God.

We are so grateful Jesus came, lived among us, died for us, rose again, and now lives within us.

Office and Giving

The office is closed this week, but know that you can reach out to the pastors if any needs present themselves. If you need to make a year end gift, the office will be open on December 31st from 10am-12pm, or you can give online here.

This Sunday: Bonus!

This Sunday the 29th, there will be two additional Q&A Discussion Forums at 9am and 3pm for the Governance Proposals. Please come if you have anything you’d like to discuss. (If this doesn’t work for you or you need to talk more, an Elder will be available from 6-8pm on Monday the 30th for a Monday Meeting.) There will only be one service at 11:15am on the 29th, but join in for a light breakfast and fellowship at 10:45am.

May our Prince of Peace settle your heart and mind today as you think of his birth.

Your sister,