Brother and Sisters,

Last Sunday

David took refuge in God, so he found the mercy of God. As he ran from Saul, he found a God who loved him and was faithful to him. He found a God whose glory swept him away in awe! A God who had lovingly, faithfully, gloriously anointed the man Saul to be king. David found and trusted this merciful God, so much so that he extended the same mercy to Saul when he had the opportunity to (literally) stab him in the back. Listen to this week’s sermon to learn more about the story (and read 1 Samuel 23:1-24:22).

Remembering God’s Work in Dean

Around a year ago, a man named Dean was baptized and became a part of our church family. The same week, he moved to be with his family in California as he lived out his final days in a failing earthly body. Dean was shining evidence of Christ’s transforming power, and this past Sunday Megan Roberts shared how God used him in her family. Read what she shared here.

Summer Study and the Membership Statement of Faith

Summer Study is back on this week with 1 John 2:18-27 after last week’s holiday break. During the study, the teacher projects and draws on the passage so that anyone from a beginning Bible reader to a lifelong learner can better see how to read and interpret the text. Teens and adults are welcome, and an age-appropriate lesson is available for kiddos. Bonus: it is also a great time to take a look at the Membership Statement of Faith that we will be voting on whether or not to adopt into our Constitution this August. This week we will talk about Article 7, The Redemption of Christ.

In the midst of this desert summer, what hope it is to know the one who gives us springs of living water! Let’s find ways this week to remember and give the refreshing truth of the gospel to ourselves and others.

Your sister,