Brothers and Sisters,

Last week during Chuck’s sermon on Jonah 3:1-10, we saw that, when sinners repent, God’s answer is always mercy. We can trust that, a stunning 100% of the time, God will answer our turning from sin by turning to us with forgiveness. Join us this week for the conclusion of Jonah, and catch up on last week’s sermon here. So now, you ask, what is coming up next…?

…Drumroll, Please…

After this sermon series, we’ll be walking through Acts: The Triumph of the Word of God. Be thinking of who you can invite to join us as we make the journey through the epic book that shows the way that God’s Word began its spread around the world, proving itself sufficient at every turn.

Scotland Info Meeting

Are you interested in serving our partners in Scotland this summer as our church continues to be engaged in gospel mission around the world? Join trip leaders for a meeting in the West Wing this Sunday at 12:45pm.

Membership Commitment

As a church family, we are still in a transition period during which members are signing the Membership Commitment. If you need a copy, click here. Feel free to return it in person or electronically,

We’re thankful for you, church family!

Your sister,