Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this week is filled with evidences of God’s grace in your life, as you aim to love God and love people.

Sunday night, January 26th, was an important one for the Church on Mill family. Here’s a few highlights:

1) Andy Clare was recognized and installed as the fifth member of your pastoral team. It is always exciting when the Holy Spirit calls another Elder to shepherd God’s people. Andy will serve as a non-vocational Elder, just like Randy and Todd.

2) The church adopted the Membership Statement of Fellowship, placing it into the Church Constitution as the companion to the Membership Statement of Faith. The two form the heart of our biblical beliefs and commitments as brothers and sisters in Christ.

3) Additionally, a revision of the Church Bylaws was adopted. This revision primarily clarifies our beliefs and practices related to membership, instruction, and discipline.

If you were not among the majority of members present at the meeting who gave affirmation of the Membership Statements of Faith and Fellowship, please follow this link to a .pdf you may download, prayerfully review, sign as affirmation when you are ready, and either return to the office or scan and reply to this email. All existing members are asked to do so by May 17th, please. If you have any questions, concerns, or hesitancies, please reply and I’ll gladly set up a time to talk at your leisure. This transition process may not be easy for everyone, and we want to walk patiently with you. Be watching for a snail mail copy next week for those who may be unable to print at home or pick up at church. May the Lord use this to renew and deepen our commitment to one another.

If you’d like to discuss anything in greater detail, please know any of your pastors would be delighted to do so. Let’s keep praying for God’s grace and protection on us as a church!

Thankful for you,

Pastor Chuck

P.S. This Sunday we start Jonah at 9:30 and 11:15am! Read through it with a few others this week to prepare. It is an exciting and brilliant little book.