Church Family,

Did you know that Matthias being added as the twelfth apostle is one reason we can stand up straight in the promises of God? How in the world could this be? Listen in to Pastor Chuck guiding us into a deeper knowledge of God’s big picture for the 12 disciples.

Gospel Community Updates

Gospel Communities help us to live out deep care for one another in our church family, enrich our understanding and application of God’s Word, and open up an avenue for growing in sharing the gospel with those we know. The Newkirk GC has passed the torch of leadership to the Wolfs and Reimuses, and a new GC, the Chow/Fisher GC, will be starting soon. For more information on these groups check out the webpage.

Acts Series Breakdown

Looking for a place you can go to find out what to read in Acts in preparation for the next week’s sermon? We have you covered! Check out this table with all of the dates, passages, and titles.

A church family such as this is the most profound and joyful of God’s gifts to us. We are thankful for each of you!

Your sister,