Could a pineapple divide a marriage? Two weeks into nuptial naiveté, I faced this bewildering reality. I’ve come to learn that Fry’s is marriage bootcamp. It reveals that which most frustrates you about your spouse, and requires you to resolve your differences quickly, quietly, and publicly. At the heart of this frustration is not necessarily pineapples, per se, but finances. In our marriage, we have come to realize that money is not only an emotional but also a deeply spiritual issue.

Is money a spiritual issue? According to the Bible, it is.

Jesus spoke on money more than almost any other single issue. In Matthew he says, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” (Matt. 6:24). Many of us at Church on Mill sincerely desire to worship and glorify God in all we do. However, we often, myself included, have failed to recognize the way that money has hijacked our hearts.

Heart hijacking is not a small issue in God’s eyes. The person “devoted” to one master will “despise” the other. If we are devoted to money, whether in the form of credit card use, student loans, a 401k, or our annual salary, then we despise God. The human heart has been designed in such a way that there is only one throne for one master. Our hearts worship that single master with sole devotion.

Is God enthroned in your heart? Or is money? Money is a deeply spiritual issue.

Have you experienced heart hijacking recently? Do you live in a hijacked reality? As a family of brothers and sisters in Christ, we want to worship only the one true God, learn together how to best glorify him, and live as a gospel-changed people. Because of that, we are tackling the issue of money in the coming weeks. How can we best glorify God and advance the purpose of the gospel as it relates to our finances?

To get started on this journey, we will be sharing helpful tools each week. Check out our first tool, Making a Mission Statement, and discuss it with your family, GC, or in other discipling relationships. This week’s tool is slightly longer and of broader scope than ones in subsequent weeks, but it will be foundational to everything else we learn and do during the Dat Dough Tho series. Let’s pray together that God will turn our hearts as a church family away from money and to King Jesus in the weeks to come.

An outline of the entire blog series from Dat Dough Tho is available here. Listen to this week’s sermon, The Heart of the Matter, if you haven’t already.

Andy Clare, Member of Church on Mill

Making a Mission Statement