Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

In last Sunday’s gathering the sermon was on John 4:1-42, the passage in which Jesus offers the woman at the well eternal life. Pastor Chuck gave us three reasons that conversation never should have happened. First, the woman was a Samaritan. She had a belief system and ethnicity that made Jews cringe, and Jesus would’ve been expected to ignore her on that ground alone. Next, she had five husbands, and lived with another man. She was seen as dirty and used – immoral even. Finally, she was a woman. Jesus was a man, and that made him far superior in a culture that wrongly looked down on women. Jesus ignored every reason not to talk to her, walked up to her, and told her of the living water he had to offer.

We’ll have a lot of reasons to ignore a lot of different people. However, we’re called to do as Jesus does—discard our prejudices, walk up to them, and tell them of the living water. Jesus is the life-giving Savior for the whole world! Church, let’s drink of his well and invite others to do the same.

A New Website

We’ve got a new website! The majority of visitors who try out our church say they heard about us online. This means our website is often the first thing an interested Tempe resident, Christian or not, will encounter in relation to our church. It is important that it communicates our heart! In developing the website, we were intentional with the content, the images, and the design, all to better engage the community in their first look at our church (more features explained). We hope you’ll find that it shows we’re a family devoted to each other that is eager to welcome any and all, just as God has welcomed us through Christ.

Disciplemakers Intensive

Every fall and every spring, members and guests of Church on Mill gather for a morning of biblical teaching and transparent conversation about the challenges of doing faithful and effective evangelism and discipleship. This fall’s intensive is October 21st, 8:30am-noon in the COM Auditorium. Click here to read more about the timely topics; we think you’re sure to find them engaging and worthwhile in our current culture. (And remember…there’s free breakfast!)

In Christ,